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Astronomy Self Learning Course

We are all interested in astronomy, which is really why we are here on this website! And yes, we have always wanted to learn more, but either it wasn’t the right time, or there were other commitments. Now we are bringing you a basic crash course of astronomy

2 weeks - 1 Year

AED 500/-

Intro to Arduino

With Arduino, one can get to know the basics of microcontrollers, sensors, and Signals. This course is designed to make you comfortable in getting started with Arduino and C/C++ Programming.  The ability to program in C/C++ is an important skill to be attained so that students can later better understand more advanced/ Recent programming languages like Python and Java.

1 week

AED 1000/-

Intro to Python

For newcomers and beginners, Python is incredibly easy to learn and use. In fact, it’s one of the most accessible programming languages available. Part of the reason is the simplified syntax with an emphasis on natural language. But it’s also because you can write Python code and execute it much faster. What C++ writes in 10 lines python does in 2!

1 week

AED 1000/-

Basics of Meteorites Course

This course is a guide to the space treasures i.e. meteorites. This course is designed in a very simple, easy to understand language for beginners to have a basic introduction to a whole new world of rocks. By the end of the course, you will be able to understand the similarities and appreciate the differences of the meteorite family.

2 weeks

AED 500/-

How to Become A Meteorite Hunter

If you always wanted to study meteorites in detail and learn how to search for real ones, this is the right course that will teach you how to differentiate between terrestrial and space rocks, how to search for them in the fields, and how meteorites formed and where they come from.

3 months

AED 500/-

How to Become A Moon Surface Analyst

Have you always wondered how did the moon come into existence, what is it composed of, and why we launched the Apollo missions to discover further about the mysterious planet orbiting our Earth? In this course, you will learn about the Moon’s existence, atmosphere, interior, and specifically its surface!

3 months

AED 250/-

The Solar System Course

This course is designed specifically with beginners and intermediate amateur astronomers in mind. Particular emphasis is placed on students who’ve never had an introduction to astronomy. The course is not intended to be technical but rather to deliver key nuggets of information specifically about our Solar System.

2 Hours

AED 300/-

Short Courses 

Crash Courses

Telescope Training Crash Course

1 – 2 hour crash course that will help you learn all the basics about telescopes, the types of telescopes, how to set them up, and align them. If you have an already existing telescope and you don’t know how to use it, this course is also meant to help you.

1 - 2 hours

AED 300/-