The Practical Astronomy Course

Explore the wonders of the night sky!

Astronomy is the branch of natural science that studies the elements of the universe including galaxies, planets, the Solar System, celestial objects, stars, outer space phenomena, and more. This course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning more about modern astronomy. We will help you navigate your way around the night sky, how to practice backyard astronomy, and learn the history of astronomy and a lot more!

Level - Beginner

This course is intended for astronomy enthusiasts and beginners

3 Day Program

3 hours per day

Price - AED 1000

This fee will include practical and theoretical learning


Verified Certificate

Certificate presented by Dubai Astronomy Group

Course Schedule

Day 1: Introduction

  • Understanding Our Universe
  • The History Of Astronomy
  • Size Comparison

Day 2: The Night Sky

  • Motion Of The Skies
  • Magnitude of Objects
  • Measuring Distances
  • Useful Astronomy Applications
  • Telescope Crash Course

Day 3: Backyard Stargazing

  • Naked-Eye Stargazing
  • Navigating The Night Sky
  • Identifying Objects
  • The Constellations
  • Sky Maps
  • Observing Conditions

What you’ll learn


Introduction to Astronomy

Learn about our Universe, the history of Astronomy, & more.



Learn how to mesure the brightness of an object in space.


The Constellations

Recognize the constellations and learn the history behind them.


Motion of Objects

Understand the motion of our skies.


Telescope Basics

Learn the basics about operating a telescope.


The Night Sky

Identify the objects in our night sky.

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