Astrophotography: Tracking & Telescopes

Learn DSLR Astrophotography with Tracking & Telescopes

You might be one of many astrophotographers who enjoy capturing images of the night sky – star-trails, constellations, the Milky Way, planetary conjunctions, and meteor showers – with your trusty DSLR mounted on a tripod. Are you feeling like you’re taking the same photos again and again?

This course will help you take your astrophotography to the next step. Learn how to track the night sky and how to use a telescope!

– You do not require a DSLR camera to join this course.

Level - Intermediate

This course is intended for individuals over the age of 14+

3 Day Program

14-hour extensive course

Course fee - AED 1500

This fee will include practical and theoretical learning


Verified Certificate

Certificate presented by Dubai Astronomy Group

Course Schedule

Day 1: Introduction


  • What is DSLR AP?
  • Types of DSLR Astrophotography
    • Pure DSLR
    • Mount/DSLR
    • Piggyback DSLR
    • Tracker/DSLR
  • Challenges of DSLR AP
  • Imagining Techniques
    • Long vs Short Exposure


  • Imagining Techniques
    • Long vs Short Exposure
  • Software for DSLR AP
  • Planning an Astrophotography Trip
    • Choosing a spot
    • Equipment Needed
    • Check List

Practical Session

  • Telescope Crash Course

  • Knowing your Camera

Day 2: Photography Trip!

  • Double-check the equipment
  • Arrive at location
  • An intro to the structure of the night sky
  • Beginning the shooting session

Day 3: Processing Data

  • Processing the captured data

Meet your instructor

Mr. Ahmad Hasan

Astrophysicist, Photographer, & Technical Expert

Worked for 2 years in Sharjah Astronomy Academy (SAASST). Started off as a data scientist later specialized in developing mini-satellites, Oversaw and participated in building the payload, also competed with other countries on best compact design for a Can sized satellite in the TurkSat Competition. Astrophotography enthusiast. Volunteered in Dubai Astronomy Group’s many electronic projects from controlling the motors of big telescopes to building weather stations and meteor detectors.


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