Introduction to Astronomy 

Things you need to know as an amateur astronomer

Learn the basics about our Night Sky, Stars, Planets, and the Universe! Gain confidence in your knowledge about astronomy and feel more curious than ever about exploring our wonderful universe!

The course will be completely Visual and Audible! No boring textbook material or complicated numbers and equations! The course is made educational in a fun and entertaining way for both kids and adults.

Level - Beginner

This course is designed for astronomy amateurs and enthusiasts!

1-Day Program

The duration of this course is around 4 hours

AED 500

We offer discounts for DAG Members


Verified Certificate

Certificate presented by Dubai Astronomy Group

Course Outline

Part 1

  1. Friends with Night Sky
    • Night Sky
    • Star – Bright & Dim, Strange Groupings
    • Sky Navigation System
    • Sky Condition – Good or Bad?
  2. Tale of the Spheres
    • They always come in groups, or do they?
    • Really Big Rocks
    • The atmosphere, all the way down?
    • Billions and billions but Not the Stars!
    • Long Travelers
  3. Nature’s Nuclear Reactor
    • The oldest name in any Human Language!
    • Hot but how much?
    • The source of the Super Power

Part 2

  1. Everything dies… Stars included!
    • Density is Destiny!
    • Many ways to die
    • Invisible and Most Mysterious
  2. Star Cities
    • No one wants to live alone
    • Love of Gravity
    • A Couple, a Family, or a City?

Part 3

  1. Bigger/Biggest Picture
      • How far can we see?
      • How did it all begin?
      • Will the Universe die someday?

    What you’ll learn


    Learn the basics of night sky observation


    Learn about the stars


    Knowledge of the basics of Astronomy


    Learn about size and distance

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