Physics of Telescopes

This course goes beyond the simple yet important explanations of the workings of telescopes.

We will go deep inside and understand the laws of physics that govern the optics and make telescopes work for us. We will use many equations with examples to actually see these laws making sense to us. This course will also include practical use of various telescopes’ designs.

Level - Beginner

This course is designed for astronomy amateurs and enthusiasts!

1-Day Program

The duration of this course is around 4 hours

AED 500

We offer discounts for DAG Members


Verified Certificate

Certificate presented by Dubai Astronomy Group

Course Outline

PART 1 – Nature of light

  • Physics of Waves
  • Physics of Particles

PART 2 – Fundamentals of Optical Physics

  • Science of Refraction
  • Science of Reflection

PART 3 – Earth’s Atmosphere

  • Composition & Behavior with light

PART 4 – Fundamentals of Optical Imaging

  • Science of Optical Imaging
  • Ray Optics

PART 5 – Fundamentals of Science of Telescopes

  • Inner workings of Telescope
  • Science of Telescopes’ Optics
  • Terminologies & Formulae: Light gathering power, Resolving Power, Magnification, Focal Plane. etc.

PART 6 – Various Optical Designs

  • Goods and Bads of Optical Designs

PART 7 – Detectors

  • Engineering of Human Eye
  • Photon Detectors
  • Signal to Noise Ratio

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