Young Astronauts Camp

Date: 28 - 30 July 2023


Time: 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Location: Al Thuraya Astronomy Center, Mushrif Park

Ages: 5 - 7

Blast off into the world of space exploration with our Young Astronauts Camp! This exciting three-day adventure is specifically designed for children aged 5 to 7, taking place at Al Thuraya Astronomy Center. 

Sibling/Friend/DAG Member discounts available*

Program Fee: 

  • Full Camp Program: AED 500/- per student
  • Full Camp – DAG Members: AED 400/- per student
  • Individual Camp Days: AED 175/- per day

Camp Program: 

Day 1 (28th July): Introduction to Space

  • Icebreaker Planets Game: Get to know each other and create a friendly atmosphere.
  • Solar System Adventure:  Take a virtual tour of the solar system, exploring each planet and discussing its unique features.
  • Craft Activity:  Create a paper plate solar system, where kids will color and assemble the planets in order.
  • Space Foods: Try a variety of snacks that astronauts eat in space. The children will sample the different options and discuss their taste and texture.

Day 2 (29th July): Astronaut Training

  • How to be an Astronaut:  The children will wear costumes and discuss the importance of spacesuits and how astronauts live and survive in space. We will teach concepts such as food, water, and waste management in space.
  • Astronaut Training:  The children will learn how astronauts train and will participate in fun challenges.
  • Make your astronaut portrait:  Arts and crafts session where the children will be creating their astronaut portraits on paper.

Day 3 (30th July): Mission to the Moon

  • Lunar Landing Mission: Learn about the Apollo Moon landing and its significance. We will discuss the challenges astronauts faced during their mission.
  • Planetarium Show:  A show on how astronauts went to the Moon and fun facts about our Sun.
  • Moon Exploration:  The children will create the lunar surface and conduct experiments.
  • Moon Phases: Exploring and learning about the phases of the moon through hands-on activities.
  • Certificate Ceremony


    Important Information: 

    • Park entrance is AED 10 per car or AED 3 per person through Nol Card.
    • You can purchase/recharge your Nol Card at the park gate.
    • Tickets for this camp are LIMITED!
    • Please bring the hard copy or soft copy of the event ticket email to ensure a smooth and fast check-in.
    • Dubai Astronomy Group paid members are requested to bring their membership ID card to be presented upon request.
    • All students should wear comfortable clothing, sports shoes, and bring a jacket with them.
    • *Send us a message on WhatsApp +97142216603 to get the discounted rate for siblings, friends, or DAG Members.

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