History of Human Space Flight

Learn The History of Human Space Flight

Humans have been flying to space for nearly six decades—from Yuri Gagarin’s first flight above Earth’s atmosphere to the construction of the International Space Station. Through this course learn the history of all the iconic missions that have been sent to space!

Level - Beginner

This course is intended for space enthusiasts and beginners

Approx. 3 months to complete


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Price - AED 500

Course Outline


  • The Soviet Space Program
  • US Space Flights
  • Probes sent on interplanetary missions
  • Space Station Program

Meet your instructor

Mr. Ali Hamadeh

Development Manager

He’s an expert in the field of Aeronautics. Development Manager at Al Thuraya Astronomy Center. Passionate and educated in the fields of Astronomy, Space Flight, and Meteorites.

Course Assessment


Oral Exam


Space Flight History Mission on Kerbal Space Program

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