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Astronomy is a science that is meant for all! You don’t have to be an expert to start. We are providing the platform for many astronomy and space enthusiasts to learn and observe the night sky with us. Our telescope observation session is meant for those who love the night sky but don’t have the time or money to invest in these expensive equipment.
Join us and get an up-close look at the stars and planets above us! Our telescope observation session is available every day after 7 pm.

Time: 7:30 PM - 9 PM

Fee: AED 20 per person

Moon Visibility:

This slider consists of images captured through our telescopes of the Moon and the planets Saturn, Jupiter, & Mars. This is the quality you can expect to view through our telescopes during the observation session and our staff can help you take pictures similar to this using your phone! Keep in mind that the images are zoomed in here.

Elements like the weather will definitely affect the clarity and quality of the image observed.

What can I observe through the telescope?

The night sky is ever-changing so we recommend you give us a call and inquire on what exactly will be observed 04 221 6603

Can I view galaxies and nebula through the telescope?

Unfortunately, No. Due to the light pollution in Dubai, it’s difficult to view any deep sky objects.

Should I visit the center during a full moon to do moon observation?

While you might think that a full moon is the best time to observe the Moon through a telescope, it’s actually the worst time to look at it! When the Moon is full, it tends to be overly bright as well as flat and one-dimensional in appearance.

In contrast, around the several-day interval when the Moon is around the first or last quarter phase is when we get the best views of the lunar landscape right along the sunrise-sunset line, or terminator.

What will be the quality of the image through the telescope?

Do not expect the view to look like the images you see on google. Those images have been captured through advanced cameras and went through several processing elements to get the results that you see.

The view you’ll see of the planets through our telescopes will be of the object live. Keep in mind that the planets are very far away from earth and that they are different in size.

There is one element that you can avoid for a good observation experience and that is the weather. Visit our center when the weather is clear; humidity, clouds, wind, and dust are a few factors that affect the observation quality.

Will there be someone to guide/align the telescope?

Yes, the telescope alignment will be done by our staff members.

Is this booking for the telescope that you have in the observatory?

No, the telescope in the observatory is open on specific days. The telescope that will be used for this observation session is a 9.25″ Celestron Evolution and it will be set up right in front of our center.