Basics of Meteorites Course

Learning how to identify meteorites

This course is a guide to the space treasures i.e. meteorites. This course is designed in a very simple, easy to understand language for beginners to have a basic introduction to a whole new world of rocks. By the end of the course, you will be able to understand the similarities and appreciate the differences of the meteorite family.

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Level - Beginner

This course is intended for beginners

1 - 2 hours

This course requires pre-booking if done offline 

Price - AED 500

The fee is the same for both online and offline learning


Verified Certificate

Certificate presented by Dubai Astronomy Group

What you’ll learn


You will learn about asteroids, meteoroids, meteors, and meteor showers


Basic elements found in a meteorite


Different types of meteorites and their major groups


How to differentiate between a space rock from an Earth rock



For international students or for study at home only


  • 2 40-minute video call sessions with the instructor
  • 2 weeks of support
  • E-books, videos, and documentaries
  • Sample of meteorite
  • Certificate of completion


For students who live in the UAE


  • An in-person session with the instructor at Al Thuraya Astronomy Center Terrestrial (Meteorite) Lab
  • 2 weeks of support
  • E-books & videos
  • Sample of meteorite
  • Certificate of completion

Forms of Assessment


Short Assessment Quiz



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