The Solar System Course

Learning the basics of Astronomy & Our Solar System

This course is designed specifically with beginners and intermediate amateur astronomers in mind. Particular emphasis is placed on students who’ve never had an introduction to astronomy. The course is not intended to be technical but rather to deliver key nuggets of information regarding our solar system and is packed with interesting facts and activities. A practical observation session is one of the highlights of the course where students can observe planets first-hand.

Level - Beginner/Intermediate

This course is intended for astronomy enthusiasts

4-Hour Course

Extensive Program

Course fee - AED 500

This fee will include practical and theoretical learning


Verified Certificate

Certificate presented by Dubai Astronomy Group

Course Overview


  • Brief History (Geocentric vs Heliocentric views of the Solar System)
  • Overview of the Solar System – The Big Picture
  • Scale and Extent of the Solar System

The Inner Solar System

  • The Sun
    • Size and scale
    • Structure and composition
    • Magnetic field
  • Inner Planets
    • Sizes and Scale
    • Structure and Composition
    • Unique properties and more
  • Unique Earth
    • History and formation
    • The Moon and Earth
    • Gravitational Tides and Phases

The Outer Solar System

  • Outer Planets
    • Size and Scale
    • Structure and Composition
    • Unique properties and more
  • Dwarf Planets, Asteroids and KBO
  • Moons of Interest

Interactive Trivia

  • This interactive engagement with the students will help reinforce what they have learned through a fun process.

Planetarium Show

  • Enjoying the New Horizons Planetarium Show

Practical Observation

  • This session is designed to give students the incredible experience of viewing some of the planets live.

What you’ll learn


Better understanding of our Solar System


Learn sizes and scale of different objects in our Solar System


Learn the different compositions of planets


Observe the planets in the night sky and learn how to identify them

Course Assessment


Interactive Trivia

Meet your instructor

Mr. Zaky K Chamas

Astronomy Enthusiast & Structural Engineer

He’s currently an active member at Dubai Astronomy Group. Although an engineer by trade, his passion and dedication to astronomy reflects in his knowledge of the Cosmos and his eagerness to spread this knowledge to students and adults alike.

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