Intro to Arduino 

Learn the basics of Arduino

With Arduino, one can get to know the basics of microcontrollers, sensors, and Signals. This course is designed to make you comfortable in getting started with Arduino and C/C++ Programming. The ability to program in C/C++ is an important skill to be attained so that students can later better understand more advanced/ Recent programming languages like Python and Java.

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Level - Beginner

This course is intended for beginners 

Approx. 1 week to complete

2 hours a day for 5 days

Price - AED 1000

This fee will include practical and online learning


Verified Certificate

Certificate presented by Dubai Astronomy Group

Course Outline

DAY 1: Introduction to Arduino and microcontrollers

  • What are Micro-Controllers and its applications?
  • What are Micro-Processors and its applications?
  • What is an Arduino?
  • Introduction to TinkerCad Circuits.

DAY 2: Coding and integrating Digital devices

  • What are digital Devices?
  • Understanding and wiring Basic Electrical Circuits (Bread Boards, Power, Signal Pins).
  • Understanding Basic C/C++ code functions and Structure.
  • Modeling a Digital Device

DAY 3: Coding and integrating Analog devices

  • What are Analog Devices?
  • Understanding and wiring Analog Electrical Circuits (sensors, signal pins, Arduino pins).
  • Understanding Basic C/C++ code functions and Structure.
  • Modeling Analog Devices.

DAY 4: System modeling of both Analog and Digital Devices

  • Modeling a system that involves both Analog and Digital Devices.

DAY 5: Review summary and Student Project Presentation.

  • Course Summary
  • Student Project Presentation

What you’ll learn


Introduction to Astronomy

Learn about Naked Eye Stargazing, Constellations, & more.



Basics of operating a telescope and a practical session.



Learn about the Big Bang and Dark Energy.



Find out what happens to different stars over their lifetime.



Learn about distances in space and how they’re measured.


The Solar System

Learn about the planets, Asteroids, Comets, The Oort Cloud, & Meteors.



For international students or for study at home only


  • Astronomy crash course videos
  • 1 year of support
  • 2 e-books
  • 2 video call sessions with the instructor
  • Telescope operation video call session with instructor


For students who live in the UAE


  • Astronomy crash course videos
  • 1 year of support
  • Telescope operation in-person session
  • Access to Al Thuraya Astronomy Center to study
  • Access to Al Thuraya Astronomy Center Library (limited)

Course Benefits 

You can go through the videos at the comfort of your home, or you can visit Al Thuraya Astronomy Center to view them, where we also have books that you can refer to, telescopes that you can use for observation and much more. To add on to that, you will also have the support to ask any question or thing you have difficulty with till you complete the program.

What you’ll achieve?


Learn concepts, principles, theories, classification systems and language used in astronomy


Learn how you can identify constellations in the night sky


Understand and learn the nature of the universe and how it came about


Learn about telescopes and how to operate them


Understand how light helps us discover things about the universe


Develop the knowledge and understanding of the properties of planets in our Solar System

Forms of Assessment


Presentation Video

Presentation In-Person




Short Assessment Quiz

Meet your instructor

Ali Hamadeh

Development Manager

He’s an expert in the field of Aeronautics. Development Manager at Al Thuraya Astronomy Center. Passionate and educated in the fields of Astronomy, Space Flight, and Meteorites.

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